Every Indian bride deserves to look at her best on the wedding day, but sometimes achieving perfection takes time. The most important part of the wedding (apart from the event itself and the groom – obviously!) is to keep your hair and makeup in perfect shape throughout the day. And while some extra fixing spray will do wonders for your hair, when it comes to makeup things get more complicated. If you are not entirely sure what you are doing, appeal to the magical wand of an Indian bridal makeup London professional who will know how to bring into prominence all your features.

  • Achieve a perfect canvas by applying a makeup base according to your skin’s necessities, concealer for masking small pimples, under the eye circles or any other imperfections, a resistant foundation and a blush to highlight your natural cheek colour.
  • Don’t forget to fix your makeup by using loose powder for your face or a professional fixing spray. Thermal water applied regularly will also refresh your makeup, will prevent that cake-look from too much powdery foundation, and will keep your makeup in one place.
  • Avoid clogging your lashes by using too much mascara. Natural false lashes will be more comfortable worn the entire day.
  • Don’t use an SPF foundation because it will show white on your pictures.
  • Have a makeup rehearsal or two before the big day. This way you will know exactly how your makeup will look at your wedding, and you will prevent possible disasters.