With around 90% of the cars now a days fitted with stylish alloy wheels, these have become a very common sight, be it a family sedan or a crossover. However, many of these alloy wheels do suffer from cosmetic degeneration. They are very susceptible to light damage and be easily damaged, blame it on unruly roads, potholes and rough terrain. Moreover, these damages are easy to spot around the outer alloy rim. The only alternative until now for these chipped and scuffed alloy wheels has been to get them replaced, which proves to be expensive.

London wheel refurbishment specialists, however, have come out with cost-effective means of repairing these alloy wheels as well as maintaining them in top condition. The technology of Small to Medium Area Repair Technique (SMART) has taken the automobile industry of London by storm. This technique allows easy and quick repair of alloy wheels at minimal cost and time. The service offers a quick, cost-effective and efficient repair system to the customer at any location.

London wheel refurbishment specialists are trained SMART repair technicians who provide efficient removal of gouges and scuff marks from these wheels in around 1.5-2 hours and at less than 20% at the cost of a new alloy wheel. The repair work is carried out by taking out the wheel. The damaged rim is sanded and ground by using special alloy grinding machine for wheels. This blends the repaired are with the rest of the wheel. The machine also re-polishes scratched and corroded rims of alloy wheels and making it new for repainting.

This easy to carry and work with wheel grinding machine is electrically operated and thus facilitates the repair work to be carried out at any location, be it at your office or home. Thus, gone are the days when you had to send your car to the garage for a couple of days and travel by other means.

If the alloy wheels have suffered any major damage, it is filled with specialist resin to reconstruct the contour and shape of the wheel. Once the surface is made ready for re-painting and painted freshly, the high quality primer is applied to the repaired area to be covered seamlessly.

Another advantage of using this smart technique is that they use a paint colour-matching tool to get the matching colour of your car. The matching colour is spray painted on the wheel and covered with a clear lacquer to give you a high gloss finish, just like a new wheel. One the wheels are dried with infrared rake lams, the wheel is finally buffed to give a smooth finish like a new alloy.

This refurbishment technique is now being used and preferred widely across all places in London by those who need fast service at their location.