Bandage dresses, as the name suggests, are dresses that are made similar to bandages. A bandage dress is designed using a number of stretchy fabric sewn together, applying various styles and designs, to form a dress. This type of dress has gone popular for valid reasons. One, this type of dress makes the body looks slim. The bandage look creates an illusion of a slimmer body because of the way the strips of stretchy fabric were sewn together. Further, the bandage dress has its way of concealing unwanted curves. Due to the many stitches and fabrics the dress has, the dress becomes a bit “firm” which can effectively suck-in and smooth out the body. The dress does not follow the shape of the body, so this is the best kind of dress for girls who are not too confident of their curves. The features of the dress make the body of the wearer looks firm and toned most especially in the waist and but area.

Another reason why ladies adore bandage dresses is its classic look. Not too flashy yet not too plain, bandage dresses are ideal to be worn in any event. It is important to choose the right fabric suitable for the occasion, like a cotton bandage dress can be worn in casual events and business meetings (with a blazer), while a bandage dress made of shiny or glittery fabric is perfect for formal parties.

When buying a bandage dress, make sure that the size of the dress fits just right to the body. Even if a bandage dress can conceal one’s figure, a size that is small to the body makes the wearer uncomfortable. On the other hand, a bandage dress that is big to the body defeats the purpose of creating a slimmer look.