Cable ties are popularly known as hose ties, cable wraps, etc., and are available in a variety of colours, designs, strengths and sizes. They are also referred to as zip ties because they resemble the zippers, which have teeth on the straps and make noise while opening and closing. These are also available on online portals and such online cable ties will be quite useful in many ways.

Designs of the Cable Ties

Cable ties are primarily the straps that are etched with teeth, and fits right into the hole on the tapes. Some ties are for single use, and you have to cut them out, in order to loosen the grip and some links are designed to reuse them as many times as possible. The ties that can be reused are operated with the mechanism of tying and untying the belts.

Uses of Cable Ties

Cable ties are commonly used to secure the cable wires, both inside and outside of the electronic and electrical products. They are also used in bundling the cable wires that need to be either routed or stored, safely.

Applications of Cable Ties

The binds can be bought from many portals and such online cable ties come in handy for many purposes like:

General Usage

The cable ties are often used at home to baby proof the apartment or houses, hanging the Christmas lights, etc. and also for commercial purposes.

Materials used

The cable ties are manufactured using stainless steel and aluminium in order to make them readily applicable in the corrosive and hazardous environments. These materials are flameproof and keep the cable wires in position. You can find many portals from where you can shop the online cable ties for free.