When spouses decide to separate, there are several issues that they need to go over and decide on for their divorce to go through. Here are the basic components your family law solicitors from Swindon should discuss with both spouses.

Child support

Several factors will influence the amount of child support to be paid, such as the annual income of each parent, the custody arrangement, and the number of children in the family. The non custodial parent is obligated by law to pay child support to the parent with the custody. Meanwhile the parent with custody is expected to use these funds to cover the child’s expenses.

Child custody

Deciding with whom the child or children will live after the separation is the most vital decision that is made during a divorce. There are two types of custody, the first is sole custody, and the other is joint custody. Unless abuse is a part of the equation, both spouses should come to an amicable decision and work together to raise their children.

Spousal support

Marriage is considered under family law as a financial partnership. When said partnership is dissolved the partner with the most assets or income may need to pay support to the other. The legal term for this is alimony. Your family law solicitors in Swindon will be able to tell you whether you need to pay alimony or are entitled to receive one.

Assets / liabilities

There are two ways properties are classified, separate or marital. The goal is to equitably distribute the property this includes both assets as well as liabilities, it has been said that divorces that are financially complicated make the legal separation longer to resolve.

Guest post by KT Family Solicitors