glirl learning to fly

In the last 30 years, as technology has advanced, air travel has not only become safer, but also cheaper than ever. As a result, the existing companies in this industry have expanded, while others have just appeared and are working their way up. This means that commercial pilots, both with and without commercial flying experience, are needed.

With all the pressure when it comes to moving fast in order to catch a spot, your best bet may be an accelerated pilot training program. A program such as this one can take up to two weeks to get a private pilot license and about 55 weeks to get the commercial pilot license. Accelerated programs, while having the advantage of taking less time to complete, are much more demanding than the more relaxed, standard programs. Like any other flight course program, some time will be spent in a classroom, some will be spent in a simulator and some actually flying the plane. The student will have to learn the systems of passenger planes and cargo planes. At the end of the course, once the student has at least 250 flight-hours under his belt, he will be able to try to obtain his license by taking a FAA standardised test. This test is composed of three parts: a written test, an oral one and a practical one. These tests are though due to the fact that a commercial pilot is not responsible only for himself, but also for any other passengers and cargo he might be carrying. There are some flight schools which even guarantee that the students which finish their accelerated pilot training programs and earn their commercial pilot licenses will be interviewed by one of the major airlines in their area, this having the opportunity to find a job immediately after graduating the program, as an added benefit.

While the life of a commercial pilot might mean that you will have to go through a hard and challenging program, you will be able to travel to different countries and see the world. You will be in a more stressful position, considering what will be at stake every time you pilot a plane, but you will also have a great salary.

If you’re considering a career as a commercial pilot, then make an informed decision. Think of what are your goals, of what you want your career to be like. After that think of what type of aircraft would you like to pilot. Lastly, establish if you have the time needed to take an accelerated pilot course and be fully dedicated to this endeavour or if you will need to take a more relaxed, self-paced course in order to fit your flying lessons around your current job. As a bonus, before deciding if you want to be a commercial pilot, thing if you can handle the responsibility and pressure that you would have on your shoulders if you were to succeed. If not, remember that you can always take a course for a private pilot license.